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The Modern Witch's Creed - Bernard Alvarez

I AM a Witch, guided by the whispers of ancient winds and the dance of celestial bodies. I awaken to stir the slumbering spirits, igniting the flames of enlightenment in those who seek the path. With each lesson learned, I weave spells of knowledge, empowering others to embrace their own journey of self discovery.

In the cauldron of transformation, I brew potions of change, casting enchantments to turn darkness into light and lead souls into metamorphosis. As I lighten my own burdens, I offer wisdom to lift the weight from weary hearts, inviting them to soar on the wings of possibility.

Through the mystic eye of intuition, I peer beyond the veil of illusion, unraveling the mysteries of existence and unveiling hidden truths. By embracing self-forgiveness, I unlock the chains of the past, extending a hand to guide others along the path of the wise. With a heart as boundless as the universe itself, I embrace the essence of love, radiating its magic to kindle the flame of compassion in every being I encounter.

I AM a Witch, a beacon of comfort in the swirling mists of uncertainty, a vessel of divine light illuminating the darkest corners of the soul. I am healer, hope-bringer, truth-seeker, and lover of all that is magical and mystical.

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