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My Intention

  •  to reveal the universal truths within and outside ourselves

To provide

  • tools for personal empowerment

  • alternative news sources

  • a safe environment for self exploration among a supportive community

  • education and information


My Focus

  • global unity and equality

  • paranormal experiences

  • empowering the human experience

  • free alternative and sustainable energy

  • spiritual growth

  • secret technologies

  • hidden ancient knowledge

  • cosmic and earth changes

  • human consciousness

  • disclosure of extraterrestrials

  • self sufficiency and nutritional awareness


My Vision
to nurture the global awakening movement and offer tools to support activists, change makers, lightworkers, innovators, alternative thinkers, healers, organizers, teachers of the light, truth seekers, the spiritually inclined and whistleblowers.

Bernard Alvarez
Spiritual Coach, Metaphysician, 
Sacred Activist

Bernard is a world-renowned spiritual consciousness teacher and intuitive. Also, a certified Reiki Master, an ordained Minister, a Doctor of Metaphysics, author of the Book of One, video and radio producer and was featured in the film "Collective Evolution 3: The Shift".


He offers personal intuitive/spiritual mentoring and counseling, as well as courses and workshops on one's higher self, soul's journey and path to divine awareness. With expertise in philosophy, healing, mysticism and metaphysics, he helps one gain the clarity they are seeking.

Host The justBernard Show, which boasts an archive of over 300 shows and interviews with many of the leading voices in activism and consciousness such as Rupert Sheldrake, John Trudell, Miriam Delicado, Laura Eisenhower and Brien Foerster.

Bernard has almost 300 thousand followers on Facebook and as a YouTube personality with more than 30 million video views in more than 140 countries around the world and using his media platform to spread a message of love, empowerment and the occasional joke, he is one of the leading online voices for the consciousness and sacred activist community. Famous for his authentic and often irreverent approach, some of his 300+ videos include What's Blocking Your Chi Energy?, Remember Why You Are Here and Activating Your Pineal Gland and Psychic Ability.

As a sacred activist, Bernard sees that there must be a balance in creating outward change as well as internal spiritual change.

He currently resides in Roanoke, Virginia and sits on the Board of the Roanoke Diversity Center.

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