Tap into your hidden potential!​             Gain a new perspective!                         Rediscover your passion!
                    What obstacles are you not seeing?     Dig yourself out of that rut!
                               Discover your authentic self!​                             What power lies dormant inside you?

During our sessions I may use one or a combination of the following methods:

Intuitive Guidance: Sharing your story with me can have a profound cleansing or awakening effect. I will guide you toward greater understanding of your concerns and may find the root cause of any energetic blocks or that which you are moving through.

Trance working: Allowing oneself to move into an altered state of consciousness (through the use of guided imagery) gives us the opportunity to move into a space of creation and healing. Profound awakenings and epiphanies are known to occur during these states that will benefit you on every level of your existence.

Energy work / Reiki: As a Reiki Master I find energy work to be a gentle and efficient way of moving the flow of life force or chi through your body. This can be a very powerful experience, renewing the body, mind, and spirit through multidimensional "cleansing" and alignment.

Channeled Guidance and Source Wisdom: "Channeling" involves a form of deep meditation that allows me to receive direct information in the form of images, words, and feeling or "knowing". In this space, I communicate directly with specific energies or my "guides" the transdimensional beings known as The Emissaries of Light.

Read the "New Client Welcome, Agreement, and Statement of Intent" prior to booking your session. MAKE SURE you detail what would you like to focus on during your session in the Add Your Message section when you book.

  • Get answers to your immediate concerns and questions

    15 min

  • Intuitive guidance, healing or personal instruction tailored for you

    40 min

  • Gain clarity and understanding on your personal path.

    45 min


To book Bernard for a media appearance (TV, Radio) or to officiate your wedding please use the Contact form with your request. For a speaking engagement or workshop at your event please see "Speaking Arrangements".

Did a tarot reading with Bernard and it was spot on in every aspect!

- M. Sullivan



I would strongly recommend having an Awakening session with Bernard. He really helped me get a handle on my awakening.

- Jack Crosby

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