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The deeper your understanding of tarot and accessing your intuitive nature, the more the cards reveal. Drawing on 30 years of professional tarot practice, Bernard Alvarez brings you this master course on truly knowing the tarot.  

Designed for beginners and accomplished readers.

Knowing the Tarot Master Course provides:

  • an in-depth understanding of the four suits

  • a deeper look at the Major Arcana and the Fool's Journey

  • innovative techniques on reading the Tarot

  • how to interpret conflicting cards

  • understanding the Celtic Cross layout

  • steps to strengthen your intuition when reading

  • how to answer yes or no questions

  • practical steps to psychic cleansing and protection

  • personal secret practices and methods Bernard uses for a reading

Accessible and innovative, Knowing the Tarot Master Course will also reveal to you how your cards are alive and what you can do to awaken their energy beyond the reading. It also offers Bernard's real-life stories that will help you grasp important points, and remember card meanings. Whether learning tarot for personal development or to read for others, Knowing the Tarot Master Course will assist you to become confident in this timeless skill.

"The Tarot, for me, is alive. Every card with its own energy and every reading telling us a new story. The story of our own “Fool’s Journey” that is based on the collective unconscious within all of us."
- Bernard Alvarez


"As a new tarot reader, finding the right information can be overwhelming. Bernard was the perfect teacher to bring confidence to my journey. He is a true master of Tarot with integrity, abundant knowledge, and very generous with the information he shares. I recommend his class, 100%!" - Kamala Balu 

"I REALLY enjoyed the Tarot Masterclass with Bernard Alvarez. I am new to the Tarot, but have used other divination cards before. I highly recommend Bernard as a teacher, he has a lot of experience and intuitive knowledge in this subject. He made it interesting, fun and interacted with all his students perfectly. I am eternally grateful for his wisdom & guidance." - Eve Dalley

"I would highly recommend this class. It was precise and fun learning. Bernard is an excellent instructor and very knowledgeable." - Nicole Marie Castillo

Your Master Course includes:

  • 90-day access to all classes

  • Over 3 hours of video class time

  • Supplemental downloadable materials

  • Knowledge quizzes

  • Certificate of Completion 

  • Access to the Tarot Forums on this site to discuss thoughts and ask questions with others who have taken this course.

Additional Info and suggestions:

  • This course was taped live with real students, so you will not feel alone and have the opportunity to learn from discussions during the classes

  • The course is meant to be taken in one sitting (about 4 hours) so you may better retain the experience and knowledge provided. Set aside an afternoon or evening and take breaks between each class.

  • You'll have 90-day access to the entire course so feel free to review any part or whole you need to explore deeper.

  • Make sure to take notes during the classes.

  • While you may not share, print, record, or distribute any materials in the course online or in public; you are more than welcomed to invite a friend over to take it with you.

Sun Card

Course Syllabus:


  • Class 1: Introduction, types of decks, developing a relationship with your deck and care of your cards

  • Class 2: Card scanning, the energy in the cards, the Suits and Elements, Major and Minor Arcana


  • Class 3: Tarot and the collective unconscious, understanding archetypes, the Hero's Journey and the Fool's Journey in relation to doing a reading

  • Class 4: The Major Arcana and the Fool's Journey 

  • Class 5: The Celtic Cross spread, the placement, the meanings, the relation to other cards, reversed cards, conflicting cards, and energetically interpreting the spread, yes or no questions.


  • Class 6: Preparing for a reading, connecting with your intuitive/higher self, preparing your Querent for the reading, what to look for in an entire spread, detailed guided walk through of an entire reading. 

Meet Your Instructor

I am Rev. Dr. Bernard Alvarez D.M. I have been practicing magick and divination for over 30 years.

My passion for the Tarot began around age 7 when a childhood friend mentioned that one could tell fortunes with regular playing cards and gave me a book. I read that book and began offering readings to all of the neighborhood kids. 

I picked up my first Tarot deck when I began my formal magickal studies back in 1989, a Rider Waite deck. While I was great at memorizing all of the meanings in the book, it wasn’t until I had my first Shamanic mentor who made me throw the book away and give him a reading using nothing but blank index cards, and then he said the magick words that made it all click: “What are they telling you? What are you feeling from them? What does the energy feel like?” Suddenly they spoke to me.

In 1992 as I progressed deeper into ceremonial magick and began to read about Crowely and the Golden Dawn I decided I wanted to try the Thoth deck. That year I was hired by a well known “phone psychic” company and as a congratulatory gift my Mother bought me the Thoth deck. At first I found it intimidating as it felt as if the cards were yelling at me with their intense colors and graphics. Over time we became friends and I use that very deck to this day.


The Tarot, for me, is alive. Every card with its own energy and every reading telling us a new story. The story of our own “Fool’s Journey” that is based in the collective unconscious within all of us. The story of our own energy, where the energy stream stems from, where it's going and where it will end up should the stream stay its course. 

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