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For those who choose to deepen their connection, our Supporting Members, true pillars of love and encouragement, enjoy not only the joy of giving but also exclusive perks as tokens of our appreciation. Join this exclusive club through Facebook and YouTube. Additionally, one-time donations are always embraced with open arms.


I have truly been blessed by the uplifting thought provoking teaching of Bernard Alvarez. He is truly a source of wisdom and love in tumultuous times . I am grateful to the creator for this human being who is an inspiration to me !

-Tamica Peck

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In the beautiful dance of giving, I've come to realize that every act of generosity echoes back in a circle of love. Just as giving is a gift in itself, the spirit of generosity has a way of spreading like wildfire. So, the next time you contemplate indulging yourself, consider the profound impact on your well-being that supporting our movement can bring. Your positive influence can resonate globally, ushering in meaningful change. Why not embark on this journey now? Immerse yourself in our cause and join us this year! We hold the belief that a radiant future is every being's birthright. Whether through a donation or by becoming a Supporting Member, you can play a vital role in providing the tools to elevate consciousness where it's needed most. Thank you. - Bernard Alvarez

Unlock a world of exclusive benefits and become a Bernard Alvarez Supporting Member! As a member, you'll receive personalized attention and guidance directly from Bernard, and join a community of like-minded individuals on a journey of spiritual growth and holistic wellness.

Here's what you'll gain as a Supporting Member:

Access to our Supporting Members Exclusive Library. Dive into a diverse collection of members-only videos, classes and courses covering topics in spirituality, personal growth, and holistic wellness. Created by Bernard, these videos offer valuable insights and inspiration to enrich your spiritual and magickal path.

Special Shout-Outs: Receive personalized shout-outs on our community pages, celebrating your support and involvement in our vibrant community. Your dedication will be personally acknowledged by Bernard!

Discounted Rates: Enjoy special discounts on our live courses, where Bernard shares insights and guidance based on his expertise and experiences. These courses are designed to empower you on your journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.


Tarot Masterclass: Gain access to the Tarot Masterclass video series, where you'll be guided by Bernard on your journey to becoming a great tarot reader. Unlock the secrets of the cards and deepen your connection to the spiritual realm.


Discounted Personalized Sessions: Receive discounted rates on personalized spiritual counseling, healing and guidance sessions with Bernard. He'll provide tailored support to help you navigate life's challenges and deepen your spiritual practice.

Handpicked Merchandise: Explore discounted merchandise, including books, ritual supplies, and spiritual attire, carefully selected to enhance your sacred space and practice.

Have Your Say: Share your thoughts and suggestions on new video topics, ensuring that we address subjects that resonate with your interests and needs. Your input will shape our content creation process, and Bernard will personally respond to your suggestions.

Join our community today and experience personalized support and guidance as a Supporting Member! Together, we'll embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and transformation. Plus, don't forget to grab your free

e-books by Bernard on earth spirituality and his seminal work, 'The Book of One'.

Become a Supporting Member now and let's elevate our spiritual journey together!

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