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Transform your Life with Bernard Alvarez, Mystic, Teacher & Visionary, Author & Healer. 

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When the spirit begins to awaken your life changes. Everything becomes clearer and you go through a profound alchemical self-transformation – a transformation that occurs inside-out. Your spirit is renewed and you begin to maneuver through all of the obstacles in your life with confidence and inner knowing.

Here you will find OVER 5 HOURS of activation tools that will reset your life, and heal your spirit in order to live a fully awakened life. If you are seeking a spiritual experience that will totally transform your life, you’ve found it. If you are at a crossroads in your life or have questions upon questions about who you are, this is an opportunity to completely align with your authentic self. It’s your time to fully awaken. 

The Awakening Code: Inner Alchemy for the 21st Century focuses on how to finely tune your body, mind and spirit in order to live a fully awakened life in perfect balance for your personal spiritual path.

Some of the topics covered are:

 Ego as a tool and not your Master - Your Energy Body - Consciousness - Intuition - Energy Healing and Reiki - Higher Self - Spirit Guides - Reincarnation - Soul Retrieval



Experience The Awakening Code

inner alchemy for the 21st century

You will experience truly transformative energy attunements guiding you to realms of clarity in a precise and cumulative process.


Some of the profound shifts you will experience are: 

  • Advanced Meditation Techniques

  • Reiki treatment to remove energy blockages

  • Intuition Power-up

  • A Past Life Regression

  • Connection with your Higher Self

  • Soul Retrieval and Integration

  • Communication with your personal Spirit Guides


"The Awakening Code: Inner Alchemy Course was a delightful experience.  Bernard provided information about tapping into our inner awareness and facilitated several enlightening meditative experiences.  Every now and then it's just so nice to disconnect from the frantic outside world and to spend the day going within--and reconnecting with your inner world and spiritual team.  I highly recommend this experience to people who want to deepen their spiritual awareness and connectedness." - Kimberly R. Walsh, PsyD

"I had a very positive experience of the Awakening Code. First, I have discovered what my curse/unconscious agreement I have been on. Secondly, I have discovered a new way of calling on spirits. Lastly, I learned how to cleanse my room and decorate it so that I can encourage myself to transform as an energy body." - Reiko

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