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Ostara - Spring Equinox Interactive Sabbat with Bernard Alvarez

🌸🌼 Spring is here, lovely souls! 🌼🌸 It's time to shake off the winter blues and embrace the magic of Ostara! 🌟 This is the season of rebirth and renewal, where both our bodies and spirits come alive with the changing of the seasons. As light and dark dance together in perfect harmony, it's a time to celebrate balance and equality. Join me as we welcome Spring back with open arms and set our intentions for the months ahead.

But hey, to join in on the spell part of the fun, here's what you'll need: some incense for "smudging," a cute little candle (the quicker it burns, the better), a fire-safe container (grab that cauldron or ashtray), a piece of paper, and something to jot down your intentions with.

Guess what? Our broadcasts are like the best things in life - completely FREE! 🌟 But hey, if you're feeling extra generous and want to give Bernard a little high-five for all the awesomeness, you can totally tip him over at Let's keep the good vibes flowing and show some love to our main man Bernard! 💸

Remember the golden rule: "Harm none, do what you will." Whether it's clarity, courage, peace of mind, or a little sprinkle of love, this is your time to shine! Feeling extra festive? Why not create a little Spring altar with blossoms, decorated eggs, and all the symbols of fertility you can find! Just make sure you're in a zen zone with no interruptions so you can really soak in the magic. Wishing you all a bloomin' marvelous Spring, and I can't wait to see you there! 🌷 Let's make some Springtime memories together! 🌞

Ready to take your support to the next level and join the coolest club in town? Become a Supporting Member on YouTube and Facebook, and let's kick it up a notch! 🚀 For all you YouTube aficionados, hop on over to and become a part of the squad! Prefer to keep it social on Facebook? No problemo! Head to and show your love there! Get ready to dive deeper into the magic, exclusive content, and all-around good vibes. Let's make some memories together! 💫


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