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Imbolc Virtual Sabbat and celebration - Bernard Alvarez

Let's embark on a journey to unravel the misconceptions surrounding energy healing and discover the tangible benefits it can genuinely provide. I will guide you through an exploration of the authentic aspects of energy healing, separating fact from fiction. Gain a profound understanding of the transformative power As we approach the sacred occasion of the Imbolc Sabbat, a time that symbolizes the recovery of the Goddess and the burgeoning vitality of the God, I extend a heartfelt invitation to join our virtual live celebration.

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Imbolc signifies the Goddess's resurgence after giving birth to the God during the Winter Solstice. The increasing daylight serves as a gentle awakening for Her, while the young, lusty God exerts His influence through the lengthening days. This burgeoning energy warms the Earth, personifying the Goddess, leading to the germination and sprouting of seeds—the earliest stirrings of Spring. In preparation for this Sabbat, I encourage you to procure an essential oil of your choice; olive oil is a suitable option. This ritual serves as a purification ceremony, breaking free from the confines of Winter's seclusion and embracing the renewing power of the Sun.

We shall partake in this transformative experience through the anointing of our bodies. Additionally, contemplate the aspirations you wish to cultivate during the impending rebirth of the Earth and the Spring season. Prepare a small slip of paper to inscribe your intentions to ceremoniously bury it afterward. Feel free to adorn an altar and attire yourself for the occasion.

All music and stock video in the intro, meditation, and closing are royalty-free & non-attribution.


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