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5D Ascension Meditation

Ascension is believed to be the highest level of thought available to us. Through ascension meditation, permanent union with the higher self and the Divine are considered to be possible. This method of contemplation offers the practitioner of ascension meditation the chance to experience oneness with all life. Through ascension meditation, the meditator is able to become his or her highest possible self and gain full use of creative and spiritual powers. This form of reflection is believed to allow a shift from common physical perceptions to unlimited spiritual perceptions. The practitioner of ascension meditation gains, through careful rumination, access to higher spiritual worlds through the spiritual body. This spiritual body of light can only be completed by achieving ascension.

Take a few moments to raise your consciousness with this powerful Ascension meditation. This meditation is designed to aid you in your ascension process, healing your mind and body while allowing the universal light energy to flow freely through you. Also, you will be helping the planet as a whole to heal while anchoring the new earth paradigm onto the Earth.


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