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The Next #NoDAPL? #NoMVP Red Terry Takes A Stand against pipeline

(Courageous and passionate about the wetlands, swamps and waterways located on the family farm on Bent Mountain ,Virginia, Red Terry, is taking a stand. A stand against the construction of the Mountain Valley Pipeline that threatens her family's land, and the water that flows from the mountain into the Roanoke and Salem valley.)

There is a movement simmering and about to explode in SW Virginia and surrounding areas. If you don't know what happening with the Mountain Valley Pipeline I urge you to read up on it. It could be one of the worst environmental disasters in the making.

"If you’re in the prisons of the Commonwealth you get food and water," said Senator John Edwards. "She hasn’t been convicted of anything. And she’s being treated in an inhumane fashion. I think it’s outrageous that law enforcement is preventing her from getting food and water. That’s not in the tradition of the United States of America." #IStandWithRed #NoMVP#NoACP #WaterIsLife



Lawmakers call out treatment of pipeline protester in trees

Pipelines: The local injustice of our generation

Developers seek federal action against pipeline protesters

Appalachian Forest Blockades Disrupt Mountain Valley Pipeline

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Trespassing on their own land to stop a pipeline

Please help Red by calling Governor Northam and tell him you #standwithRed and ask for a #streambystream analysis of the pipipelines’ impact. 804-786-2211

"I've been thinking a lot about corporations and industries that extract from Appalachia and impoverished communities all over the so called US. I've been thinking about coal and fracking and other industries that destroy the land, steal from communities and the people in them, the laborers and their families, etc."

- Anonymous tree-sitter

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