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Collective Truth Seeking and Awakening Consciousness - Justin Deschamps on TJBS

Does spiritual awakening lead us into another paradigm of illusion? Can humanity evolve collectively? How can we empower one another while embracing our sovereign mind? Justing Deschamps of "Stillness in the Storm" joined me for a deep discussion on many of these topics.

Justin was born in Portland Maine, and grew up in the Boston area. As a Physics, Psychology and Spirituality student, he has been searching for truth all his life, looking to make sense of all the insanity in this world. In that time, he has developed a holistic body of knowledge linking science, philosophy and spirituality into a single framework of ever expanding understanding. He wants share what he has with the world, becoming teacher to some and student to all others. His goal is to help myself and others become better truth seekers, and with the wisdom gained in the process, make this planet the paradise it was meant to be. He says he is happy to give back to a world and universe he received so much from.



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