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Compassionate Capitalism and Credit Unions - Courtney Campbell on TJBS

The thoughts we have about money and how it's used effects these thoughts. If our money is being used for ill gain or harming the planet our subconscious mind senses that and we may begin to develop a form of cognitive dissonance towards it.

What is the difference between a bank and a credit union? Is it hard to join a credit union? Do they offer the same services as a bank? Are they federally insured for consumer protection? Have taxpayer funds ever been used to bail out a credit union? How are credit unions involved with their communities? My good friend Courtney Campbell joins me today to answer your questions and I'll explore how we can feel good about the energy of money and develop our prosperity consciousness.



Courtney Campbell is a Roanoke native with passions for politics, pandas, and Premier League soccer. She has spent most of her career in community development and currently works at a Credit Union delivering workshops and one-on-one coaching to empower people in their financial lives. When she’s not working, she likes to get outside as much as possible.

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