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Curse Removal and Past Life Healing

Whether you know or feel you've been cursed or hexed or not, this is a very powerful tool to bring balance and clarity into your life and consciousness.

Some suggestions...

- You'll want to be able to go into a light meditative state. Create a space where you will not be disturbed. (If you can use headphones that'd be best.)

- Don't eat just before. You don't want to have a full stomach. (Don't drink alcohol or be too intoxicated. This could make you nauseous during the session or strengthen the very "things" you're trying to be rid of.)

- Cleanse the space you'll be in, burn some incense or spray some lightly scented water (holy is fine).

- Contemplate past trauma's or crisis that needs to be healed.

- Get into a comfortable and relaxing position for the session.

- Be courageous and don't worry. I'll spend a few moments explaining the process more before we get started.



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