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Bernard Alvarez (The Moore Show UK)

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Guest: Bernard Alvarez Website:

What if you came in contact with beings that represented your higher conscious self? What if you took their advice and it changed your life and millions of lives around you? That is exactly what happened to Bernard Alvarez after his encounter with the Emissaries of Light, calling themselves 'ONE'. The Book of One is that advice these 'light beings' gave to Bernard to share with the world decades ago. Since his encounter with these beings he has become a world figure in the consciousness movement reaching millions through his work on YouTube, in radio, lectures and social media. The Book of One simplifies many of the common errors we make in our way of thinking and living, offering easy to follow guidelines in order to live fully awake, aware and working toward building a new paradigm and a greater enlightened society.



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