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John Trudell and Bernard Alvarez - Everything IS Energy on TJBS (2017 remastered)

John Trudell was a true icon in the world of indigenous and human rights. We were honored to have him join us during the early days of The justBernard Show in 2010 for a short discussion on our human energy, how the ruling class "mines" our energy, how hemp can benefit humanity and so much more. It was truly an honor to spend time with him and learn from his experience and wisdom. Dr. Jeanine Austin was my amazing cohost at the time and it was her efforts that made this happen. Thank you.

John Trudell was a Santee Dakota activist, artist, actor, and poet, who led a life dedicated to indigenous human rights, land and language issues. He helped spark a spoken word movement that is a continuation of Native American oral traditions. He walked on December 8 at the age of 69.



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