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How Whole Brain Thinking Can Save the Future - James Olson on TJBS

A practical inquiry into the “operating systems” of the left and right brain hemispheres and their surprising influence over lifestyle, politics, business, religion, and sexual orientation.

Although we’ve been told for decades that we only use a small portion of our brain’s capacity, it is now known that the entire brain is always active in some way. Yet for most of us, only one of our two brain hemispheres is actually running the show, and for a majority of people, the left-brain viewpoint serves as the guide. Olson pursues a special focus on problems that result when the two sides of the brain fail to harmonize, such as we experience in mental conflict, both internal and external. He also posits that each hemisphere houses an “operating system” capable of managing the relationship of the two hemispheres; further, he identifies the genetic mechanism that determines operating-system dominance.



James Olson is an integral philosopher whose studies have included religion, art, psychology and neuroscience. He has attended the University of Vienna; Oklahoma University, where he received a Bachelor of Business Administration; and the Kansas City Art Institute. Following the unifying guidelines of philosophy and drawing on his broad education, Olson has made it his mission to help bring the planet’s masculine (dualistic left-brain) and feminine (holistic right-brain) energies into greater harmony, through his advocacy of whole-brain thinking. Olson’s first book, The Whole-Brain Path to Peace earned several national book awards, including Foreword Reviews 2011 Philosophy Book of the Year. LEARN MORE:

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