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How To Access Your Akashic Records - Aingeal Rose on TJBS

You may have heard of the Akashic Records if you are familiar with Edgar Cayce, who was known as “The Sleeping Prophet“. Cayce accessed the Akashic Records in a trance state and did thousands of readings for people helping them with specific problems or issues they had. It became known that there is a vast library in spirit called ‘Akasha’ that holds the recordings of all our lives – every minutest detail of them – all our past lives and their relationship to our current life. This library also contains our purpose for existing and shows our interrelationship with others that we meet and share our lives with. It misses nothing. Our issues and their healing are contained there. Our highest gifts and the fulfillment of them is held there. Our health issues are resolved through the understanding of their causes and the solutions. Our soul contract and progress is there. The answer to ‘Who are we and why are we here’ is found in the Akashic Records. The Records also contain the entire history of the Universe, including our time spent on other planets.



Aingeal Rose – “The freedom facilitator” – effectively combines spiritual guidance and intuition with eye-opening readings of the Akashic Records – and the result frees her clients from old beliefs that have held them hostage throughout their lifetimes. This ancient library is a database direct from Source that answers life-changing questions from each individual’s own record of their many lifetimes and sojourns in Spirit.

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