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Universal Path of Divine Love - Dr. William Keepin PhD. on The justBernard Show

There is great urgency today for new understandings of how the world’s religious traditions share a universal spirituality. Religious disparities are widely trumpeted today, implying that the world religions are fundamentally contradictory and incompatible. Yet the growing movement of inter-spirituality affirms that the major world religions—far from being polarized in endless conflicts from which they can never recover—are actually mutually complementary aspects of a larger, unified spiritual reality. The path of divine love suggests that the religions share a universal core.

William Keepin, Ph.D. is the co-founder of the Satyana Institute and the Gender Reconciliation International project, which has organized more than 100 workshops and training in nine countries for social healing between women and men. Keepin has studied and practiced intensively in Eastern and Western spiritual disciplines for 35 years and immersed himself in contemplative practices from the Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, and Sufi traditions. His spiritual mentors include Father Thomas Keating (Christian), Swami Ambikananda (Hindu), Jestunma Tenzin Palmo (Buddhist), Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee (Sufi), Sr. Lucy Kurien (Christian), and Ravi Ravindra (Hindu/interfaith).


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