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The Fractal Brain Theory and Consciousness - Wai H Tsang on The justBernard Show

Known for his presentations about the fractal brain theory and consciousness, author of "Quest: A Modern Spiritual Quest to Understand Mind, Brain, Consciousness & create AI" Wai H Tsang joins Bernard to discuss his modern theories and new book.

This book is about a 21st Century mythic adventure and spiritual odyssey. A real life Dan Brown novel where science fiction meets reality, the mystical meets the mundane and the esoteric or hidden is made manifest. More mind bending than the Matrix movie and as strange as any Philip K. Dick tale. This is a true story of one man’s quest to understand the nature of Mind, Brain and Consciousness, during the course of which he discovers the nature of the Universe and the Divine..

It is contemporary mythology involving the quest for the modern day Holy Grail of Artificial Intelligence, which would lead to the Holy Grail of the common understanding that is found at the heart of all the world religions, i..e. Gnosticism in Christianity, Kabbalah in Judaism, Sufism in Islam, Tantra and Advaita Vedanta in Hinduism, Vajrayana Buddhism and Taoism; also the secret behind Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, the Templars and the Ancient Mysteries Of Greece and Egypt.



It is about the rediscovery of Spirit, the reenchantment of the World, the formulation of the Fractal Brain Theory, the unlocking of the mystery of Consciousness and the genesis of a new kind of Artificial Intelligence.

This book also summarizes a series of fundamental insights in the areas of Neuroscience, AI, Genomics, Political Philosophy and Religion. They are realizations of such significance that they may have the potential to literally alter the course of history and present trajectory of human affairs.

Wai H. Tsang studied Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science at Imperial College London but instead of staying in academia went he off on an adventure studying mind, brain, genomics and consciousness in more natural and less constrained contexts. He has spent many years public speaking about esoteric religion, prophecies, neuroscience, AI, politics. He also spent 10 years working full time at St James Church Piccadilly, a centre for progressive, new age and controversial spirituality in the UK. His talks have been broadcast on national satellite TV and are appreciated all over the world, especially his presentations about the fractal brain theory and consciousness. You can email him on or facebook him on or by searching Wai H. Tsang

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