Hacking The Matrix With Love - Brendon Culliton on The justBernard Show

Consciousness Activist and Media Creator Brendon Culliton joins Bernard Alvarez for a discussion on all things consciousness and what we can do to "hack the matrix with love".

Learn about: - What is the Paradigm Shift Central project and the inspiration behind starting it? - What it means to be a "Shifter". Modern resurgence of Jedi, Light Guardians - Shiftivism, Free Hugs, Shift Button tactics. "Hacking the matrix with love." - The role of conscious media as medicine. Both healing and inspirational. - Story of my connection with the wolf energy. Being a leader within the shift. - The Journey to Lucidity saga movies. The heroes journey. Awakening within the dream. Importance of dream exploration. - Understanding more about our multi-dimensional reality - The power of story telling. Sacred journeys through the Global Journey Meditations. - Recent experience documenting and sharing working with 5g sacred mushroom - The future of the Paradigm Shift Central project, how people can continue to be involved.

Brendon Culliton, aka Skull Babylon - Neogonzo Journalist, is a dedicated conscious media creator from Canada and director of www.ParadigmShiftCentral.com - a real world interactive game to help shift consciousness and a portal for a global network of Shifters and Paradigm Shift communities. He is an award winning film maker and creator of the Journey to Lucidity conscious movie saga that is available free online. He is helping assist with the resurgence of the modern day Jedi / Light Guardian archetype. He believes in the power of story telling and hosts ongoing Full Moon Global Journey Meditations for the community to take part in shared vision quests. Brendon is an advocate of advanced Free Hugs tactics to help awaken people from within the matrix. As a carrier of the wolf energy he actively focuses on being a leader and story creator within the global community to help assist the tribe, inspire leadership within others, and help hack the matrix with love.

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