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Music's Role in the Awakening Process - Marco Missinato on The justBernard Show

Humanity has been in an artificially created reality that promotes scarcity and the illusion of separation. Individually and collectively our existence is like a symphony that is out of tune. At this important time in Earth and humankind's journey, music "plays" a significant role as a channel of harmony and transformation. Music can dissipate the illusion of separation and facilitate our evolution through the necessary healing process to attune and awaken us to life's true purpose of love joy, peace, passion and return us to our essential Oneness.

Bernard welcomes Composer and Visionary Marco Missinato to share his vision and work with this incredible musical project that transcends music into a realm of awakening and enlightenment.

Unfolding Secrets Is The Fulfillment Of A Life-Long Dream By Composer And Executive Producer, Marco Missinato Where Thousands Gather From Around The Globe To Fully Embrace A Heart-Opening Experience Of Oneness And Fusion With "All That Is."

- Music is the highest and purest vibration available on Earth. - Music is the fastest conduit to the higher self - Music is the bridge to Stars, Universes, the Cosmic energy and the door to higher realms of existence - Music creates the instant dissipation of the illusion of separation into Oneness.



Visit Unfolding Secrets Web site here:

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