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Angels, Aliens and Prophecy - Betsey Lewis on The justBernard Show Radio

Betsey Lewis, internationally-renowned intuitive, earth mysteries investigator and radio host, continues her investigation into the true stories of ancient astronauts found in the Bible, Sanskrit texts, cave drawings and in Native American legends. Who are these beings who read our thoughts, walk through walls, control time and space, disarm missile silos, and abduct millions of people worldwide? Are they aliens, angels, time travelers, multiverse beings or demons? Have these beings disguised themselves as angels to influence our religious beliefs and provided warnings about future earth events? Betsey provides evidence they have.

Do time-jumpers exist and change time lines? Is there a message behind the worldwide crop circles? What are chemtrails and is there a dark agenda behind them? What was the extraordinary discovery made in 1947 beneath Death Valley? These are just a few of the thought-provoking subjects covered in this interview.

In 1957 Betsey was given a message after her second UFO encounter which she is now ready to share. Something wonderful is going to happen, she says.



Betsey's Website:

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