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The Zeta Message with Judy Carroll and Bernard Alvarez

Since early childhood Judy Carroll has had contact with non-earthly beings she knows as Greys or Zetas. In her early teens she started to have conscious encounters and began to recognize a connection with the visitors. Helene Kaye's family began experiencing disturbing activity in their home in 2000. She had no context for such occurrences and sought assistance. Worlds collided when her Reiki instructor, who knew of Judy's similar experiences, introduced Helene to Judy. Judy and Helene have come to believe that they are living in two worlds and identify as both Earth humans and Zetas.

With almost 60 years of full-on and conscious contact with the Zeta/Greys behind her, Judy is attempting to explain through her writing and interviews, the real facts behind who and what the Greys are, why they are here, and why a Controller Group here on Earth is doing everything in its power to disrupt their work.

According to Judy, humanity has been subjected to a massive disinformation and fear campaign in connection with ET visitation for the past 60 years. Numerous messages from "Pleiadians", "Sirians", "Space Brothers", "Ascended Masters" and "Arch-angels" have repeatedly warned of "end-of-world" scenarios that have not occurred, mass appearances of star ships that have not occurred, and the invasion of Planet Earth by negative gray aliens, which is just one more distraction and disinformation tactic designed to keep humanity in a state of fear and distrust. These messages are often channeled through unsuspecting psychics via remote mind control techniques.

The Zeta Message explores Judy and Helene's intimate experiences in coming to grips with their association and intricately interwoven background. The companion volume, Human By Day, Zeta By Night, delves more deeply into spiritual topics, drawing parallels between human and ET spirituality, revealing the reality behind concepts such as God, heaven, hell, angels, the soul and introduces the concept of the Human Ladder. Additionally, Judy directly addresses the fear connected with contact between humans and the ETs commonly called Greys or Zetas. Having experienced this fear personally as a child she is now able to help bridge the gap so that others can understand that they are here to help empower humanity, and she exposes what she considers a concerted effort of disinformation about actual ET contact.


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