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How To Be An Awakened Human Being

The denial of responsibility is almost inevitably an inauthentic and self-deceptive endeavor. The principle of spiritual awakening calls us to face ourselves, others, and the world directly and honestly. When we do this, we are flooded with the recognition that we are imperfect and responsible for many mistakes. This is part of being human.

An authentic call to responsibility pushes us toward a deeper self-acceptance and an opportunity to live genuinely. Self-acceptance too often is intertwined with attempts to rationalize ourselves as being right or justified in our apathy instead of embracing our humanity as imperfect creatures. Authentic self-acceptance requires that we are honest with ourselves about responsibility. Instead of seeking to justify our imperfections , we embrace them. This is not easy. If it seems to be, then one should question the authenticity and depth at which this is embraced. Yet, when we can establish a foundation of self-acceptance that is honest while deeply acknowledging our own imperfections and humanity, then we can use this self-acceptance as a foundation for responsibility.


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