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Hearing the Angels Sing - Peter Sterling on The justBernard Show

Listen to the magic of Peter's remarkable story of connecting with real Angels. His 25 years of being guided by angels has provided him with a vast body of knowledge to assist humanity in opening to new dimensional awareness.

Peter Sterling is a master harpist and sound traveler with 12 internationally acclaimed CDs to his credit. Born in southern California, Peter was touched by the Divine at an early age. His first job was working in a stained glass studio as a teenager, something he always wanted to do after experiencing the stunning luminescence of stained glass in church as a young child. A former yoga and Tai Chi teacher, ski instructor and tour guide in the Rocky Mountains and Sedona, Peter found his calling by connecting with the Angels.

He recorded his first album, Harp Magic, after only ten months playing the harp, demonstrating a skill-level most experts would consider impossible after such a brief time. Harp Magic was nominated for the Naird Indie Award for best string album of 1994 a national honor. A seasoned presenter and performer at Conscious Living Expos and other conferences around the country, Peter shares his wisdom at workshops, where he explores sacred geometry, the harmonics of sound and light, the mystery of crop circles, the evolution of DNA and the 2012 galactic alignment. Hearing the Angels Sing is his first book.



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