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Practical Shamanism - Azurae Windwalker on The justBernard Show

Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition and a way of life. The teachings of shamanism focus on our connection to nature and promote the well-being of all creation.

Inspired by her Indigenous American ancestors, Azurae’s Practical Shamanism and Nature Spirit Energy Medicine is an ever-growing practice that meets the challenges of today. Azurae was trained in a seven-year apprenticeship in the XAT Native American Medicine Society where she became a ceremonial leader. Building on a traditional base she was gifted with the intuitive guidance from her Spirit Doctors and the Spirit of Nature to craft a Practical Shamanic Practice that is available to all people who seek to explore their gifts of healing, intuition, psychic self-protection, and Earthkeeper Wisdom. Her Amethyst Healing Center in Bedford Co. VA is home to a great variety of “Little People”, water devas, old growth forest, fairy folk and a 30 ft. Earth Angel.

Azurae builds bridges between the knowledge of the ancients and that of modern motivational and alternative healing professionals. Her DNA memory from Cherokee, Nansemond (Lenape) lines of Chiefs and Saponi memories is uniquely helpful to this ministry and wisdom sharing. She has an unusual ability to recall DNA memories and keeps a close connection with the Brotherhood of White Light and to the Spirit in Nature.


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