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Developing Your Psychic Ability - Tracey Lockwood on The justBernard Show

Some people believe we all have psychic abilities. Some of us may have more natural abilities than others, the same way that some of us seem inclined towards music or mathematics. But just like any other skill, psychic abilities can be trained and enhanced.

On this weeks The justBernard Show we are joined by Medium Tracey Lockwood to discuss this and other topics relating to the spirit world.

Psychic Medium Tracey Lockwood is the executive director of The Universal Mind: Center for Holistic Living in Roanoke Virginia tells the inside story of what its like to talk to people on the other side.

Tracey is well known for her energetic sketches and recently had an installment of her work on display at a local venue.

Find Tracey and learn more about her work on Facebook:



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