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Why Did You Incarnate Now? - Bernard Alvarez

You were once at one with the Source of all things. Not separate from the All or each other. Then you chose to experience life on the dimension of awareness and consciousness you now inhabit.

Separating yourself from the All and Source of all things you created polarity and duality. Positive and negative, good and bad, fear and love in order to experience your present human form.

Your incarnation began with the intention of love and eagerness to live here on Earth Your Universal wisdom and awareness were already inside of you, a spirit of Light experiencing the Human self.

Once your mind was free to play and imagine infinite possibilities until the indoctrination into your worlds present paradigm was forced upon you by your family and your familys community. You were instructed on how to speak using the local language of your fathers. You were instructed on how to look, to act, to behave and how to think. Your connection with who you really are all but erased in order to please the powers that be. And you began to trust and believe these were the proper and sane things to do and align yourself with.



Never knowing the intention or history of the very language you used or roles you play in your society.

Yet, the entire time you had a voice within you that was always telling you different. Alarming you when you felt oppressed or were forced into certain roles you did not feel an inclination to portray.

You knew and still know these false roles and beliefs were not in accordance with your true being.

And why not?

I am here to work together with you and help mankind to awaken, to offer guidance for those seeking solutions within their lives and solutions in the world around us so that we can all truly be free.

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