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How To Deprogram Yourself From The Matrix

The time has come that we courageously acknowledge that society has undergone a mass brainwashing and it is time for us to actively deprogram our minds in order to be completely immersed in the evolution of our consciousness. Recognize that programming is everywhere, and it isn't all bad.

Programming and deprogramming are constant, on-going processes.

Want to know the truth, the whole truth.

Don't condemn yourself for falling for it.

Watch out for external or passive aggressive condemnation. (Self condemnation and self-criticism are a big part of the brain-washing.)

Watch out for other people or organizations trying to clip your wings, and keep you from being your whole self. (IE- not feeling your feelings)

Beware of wanting to believe and speculation.

Watch your own mind. Watch your thoughts, attitudes, and slogans. (Notice how some people (especially politicians) are skilled in tossing out buzz-words, phrases, and slogans that will arouse certain desires in you. They are messing with your mind by manipulating your feelings.)

Watch your desires and fears. This is the heart of the deprogramming program. This is a constant, never-ending task. Watch your mind all day long, or as much as you can remember to.

Break the exclusivity of information input. (Take a media fast)

Become vigilante.

How To Deprogram Yourself From The Matrix
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