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L U M I N A R Y    L A D I E S O F   T H E   B L U E   R I D G E

A   M E T A P H Y S I C A L   J O U R N E Y   I N T O    C O N S C I O U S N E S S

saturday        october 1, 2016        roanoke, virginia

Earth Spirit Roanoke is proud to present "Luminary Ladies of the Blue Ridge: A Metaphysical Journey Into Consciousness"!!

proceeds to benefit the Roanoke Diversity Center

Featuring: Aphrodette North (Clairvoyant Astrologer), Azurae Windwalker (Shamanic Teacher and Healer),

Beverly Johnson (The Crystal Crone - Crystal Energy Worker), Tracey Lockwood (Psychic Medium and Teacher)

and Bernard Alvarez (Spiritual Teacher and Sacred Activist).



Beverly Johnson  (The Crystal Crone)  presenting "Approaching Crystal Energy".  What is it?

Where does it come from? A deeper look at how Metaphysics meet the Physics of Crystal Energy. 


Tracey Lockwood   presenting "You Are Psychic" and exploration into everyone's inherent

and natural intuitive and psychic abilities!

Azurae Windwalker  presenting "The Shaman's Guide to the Ascension Process" ...

Aphrodette North  presenting "Holding Steadfast Your Desire For Peace" a detailed look

and translation of what the heavens are telling us on October 1, 2016.

 Bernard Alvarez  presenting "The Awakening Code" a metaphysical look at humanity's

spiritual awakening and ascension as  a part of our imminent conscious evolution.

Panel Discussion

 an open forum panel discussion where the presenters will all return to the stage together for a Q&A session with you.


mingle and meet with all of our presenters during a reception where you'll snack on appetizers

and refreshments and see what they have to offer you individually!

Special Packages are available for event ticket and a Private Session (the following day) or a Crystal starter kit! 

Ticket for the event only are $20.00


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