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Spiritual Teacher, Author, Global Activist, Visionary, You Tube Partner, Radio Personality, Healer and Social Critic. 

Bernard_(25)FB2015.jpgIt is no coincidence that you have come to this website. You've probably come to realize that much of this world is upside down and backwards and now you’ve awakened to a higher truth. Everything is energy and we are all connected.  This 3D matrix world is an illusion and your soul yearns for answers. Perhaps you are here because we are always led in the right direction when we have so strongly desired the truth.

I am here to raise the consciousness of humanity during this pivotal time in our planets history. I firmly believe that humanity is awakening and we must take the responsibility to support this process in any way we can. Whether it is in promoting change through activism or developing a greater way of being and living on our planet. I am here to offer some solutions to these challenges for the individual and for our global community as a whole. I hope you will join me in this great work. Together we can raise the consciousness of our planet. One Love

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