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New Years Magickal Intention

Join me for another magickal NYE where we will be performing our magickal intention together and creating our mantra and an amulet for 2021! Who needs resolutions when we can create the year we'll have.

To prepare, please, begin making a list of the things, traits, feelings, etc. you would like to bring into your life in 2021, ( EX. new home, better health, anxiety-free...) try to keep down to three or four "things". I usually like to cover one material need, a physical need, and one emotional need. We will use this to create your mantra for the year ahead that we will use for the spell.

You will also want to want an item (crystal, coin, magickal item) to infuse this energy into that you can carry around and tap into daily to re-energize and meditate on your intention.


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