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Death Consciousness and the Afterlife with Debra Diamond

What happens to me when my physical body dies? Is there an afterlife? If so, where do I go? Do my loved ones meet me? Will they usher me to the next plane of existence? In Diary of a Death Doula, psychic medium, and near-death experience researcher Debra Diamond presents the story of life as a hospice “Death Doula,” revealing 25 critical life lessons from those at the threshold of the afterlife, and those who have already crossed over, ultimately revealing a new way of understanding death.

Debra joins me today to share about consciousness at end of life, the invisible world and how the fear and taboo around death inhibits our approach to what really transpires at end of life. As a death doula, she sits with the actively dying at end of life. A medium, she is able to 'see' both sides at end of life and can discuss that including how our loved ones in Spirit come in to provide support and assistance at and end of life, how we receive assistance from the celestial world and the transformation in consciousness at end of life and in the afterlife. LEARN MORE about Debra:

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