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Extraterrestrial Presence on Earth - Judy Carroll on TJBS

If you ever wonder what may be behind the events happening today, it is important to see where we began and how ancient events are controlling Earth and inhibiting our natural evolution even today. History repeats itself unless we gain new understanding, and there couldn’t be a more auspicious time for Extraterrestrial Presence on Earth, because it explains the “behind-the-scenes” strings attached to modern-day situations.

As the author of Human By Day, Zeta by Night, and co-author of The Zeta Message, Judy previously introduced her life-long connections to the benevolent Zeta Greys. In this new book, Judy reveals that she is a “blended” soul whose conscious awareness spans two planetary connections—both Earth human and Zeta Grey. Her mission, along with other blended souls now incarnated as Earth humans, is to be an inter-planetary ambassador, and • introduce more clarity and deeper understanding of what has happened here in the past, • offer understanding of present-time global events, and • provide guidance on how to heal our future as a planetary civilization. LEARN MORE:


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