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Divine Frequency - Teresa Yanaros on TJBS

The supernatural, aliens and consciousness. What do these all have in common? Join me and Teresa Yanaros for a deeper look at these topics and more.

Teresa Yanaros, a millennial advocate for spiritual enlightenment, shares inspirational perspectives through her multi-media project and YouTube channel "Divine Frequency" and provides spiritual coaching to assist the co-creative consciousness in manifesting a positive future. Her bubbly personality, down-to-earth perspective, and genuine curiosity serve as a springboard for her projects: her book “What is Magic?,” spiritual coaching and tarot readings, interviews, research projects, dissemination of disclosure/outing of deep state atrocities, and collaboration with alternative news media website Stillness in the Storm, the Full Disclosure Project and other souls aligned with her vision of actively seeking a positive future for the co-creative consciousness.

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