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Serpent Power - Patricia Awyan on TJBS

Khemit School of Ancient Mysticism Co- Director, Khemitologist, Speaker, Researcher, Explorer, and Symbologist Patricia Awyan joins Bernard for an hour long journey into ancient consciousness and symbolism.

Patricia and Bernard are discussing: - Cycling of consciousness - How we perceive and therefore interpret our reality - Serpent Power—the electromagnetic waveform - Neters (Gods and Goddesses) as aspects of Nature—of an Electromagnetic eternally transforming reality. - The dance of the Shiva of creation, sustainability and destruction. Its pulse, rhythm or beat provides the life force that is in sync with our state of consciousness. - The Sphinx as the Neter, Tefnut -and the significance of where she sits

...and how Ancient Temples and structures were built to harness magnetic currents…and the significance of this.



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