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Rise of the Lightworker

Consider for a moment that you’re an individual cell in the larger body of humanity. What kind of cell are you? Do you strive to achieve your individual health and comfort? Do you work for the betterment of your nearby family cells? Do you have a sense of devotion to the improvement of the entire body?



I’m going to use the cell-in-a-body analogy to clarify the difference between two different kinds of people: lightworkers and darkworkers.

Both lightworkers and darkworkers are highly conscious. They each recognize the existence of the larger body of humanity, and they know their actions affect others for good or ill. Those who act without much awareness of how their actions affect the larger body (i.e. the vast majority of people) are neither darkworkers nor lightworkers. If you aren’t sure which one you are, it’s safe to say that you’re neither.


A lightworker is a cell that believes its primary role is to serve the greater good of the body. It considers this task so important that it would even sacrifice its own life in such a pursuit if it thought it was necessary. This is because a lightworker identifies more with the larger body than with the individual cell it controls. Lightworkers see themselves as avatars of humanity (or spirit); the individual ego identity isn’t as important.

In order to be effective in its role, a lightworker cell must pay attention to its own health and survival to the degree that its continued existence benefits the body. It does what’s necessary to protect itself from anything that might disrupt its mission. It tries to preserve its well-being without harming the other cells, but when a lightworker encounters other cells that actively work against the good of the body, conflict can certainly occur.

Your own physical body works via a similar mechanism. If certain disease-producing cells get out of control and threaten the health of your body, your body responds by attacking those cells.

The lightworker’s duty is to serve the health of the body. Lightworkers strive for a healthy, sane humanity. They’re like white blood cells fighting diseases such as cruelty, apathy, depression, disempowerment, dishonesty, and cowardice. Such diseases damage the health of the body. The #1 disease lightworkers battle is fear. Wherever there is fear in the body of humanity, lightworkers are driven to respond.

One goal of many lightworkers is to stimulate the creation of more lightworker cells. This may happen directly, but more often it occurs by cultivating the conditions under which more lightworkers will be created. Because of the influence of lightworker cells, other cells become lightworkers as well.

It isn’t necessary for every cell in the body to become lightworkers. The body only needs enough lightworkers to counteract current threats to its health. You could say that collectively the lightworkers are humanity’s immune system.

Lightworkers are active cells, not passive ones. These aren’t people who sit around and meditate all day, although meditation may be part of their practice, especially during the transition period when the lightworker role is gradually accepted. Generally speaking, lightworkers aren’t people who spend their lives dressing in flowery robes and selling handmade jewelry. Lightworkers are people who make it their personal duty to get humanity back on track by countering fear, falsehood, and cruelty wherever they find it. They do this by bringing light to dark situations. They empower other people to shed fear and to be strong once again because strong, empowered cells yield a strong, healthy body.

A passive or inactive lightworker is an oxymoron — that would be equivalent to a white blood cell that ignores disease, saying to itself, “Not my problem.”


A darkworker is a cell that denies all responsibility for the health of the body. The darkworker says, “I’m responsible for my individual life alone, and the rest of the body is merely a tool for achieving my own pleasure.” Darkworkers are essentially cancer cells. They have no qualms about damaging the body to further their own aims since the health of the body is of little consequence to them.

To a darkworker, most other cells are expendable. The other cells and the body as a whole are merely pawns of the darkworker’s pleasure. The darkworker’s rights and privileges are paramount, and human rights in the broader sense are irrelevant. A darkworker cares only for personal gain. The consequences to other cells are of little or no concern. Darkworkers have no empathy for what other cells experience. If others must suffer for the darkworker’s pleasure, so be it.

Darkworkers love power. Increasing their power is their primary aim, since that is the means through which they achieve more pleasure for themselves. Darkworkers commonly create and utilize methods that exploit others for personal gain. The suffering of others is meaningless. As long as the darkworker gets ahead, that’s all that matters. Darkworkers are very competitive. Winning for themselves is far more important than helping someone else. A darkworker only helps others to the extent that it furthers their personal agenda.

There are primarily two ways a darkworker will manipulate others: fear and greed. For example, if you work in a company that conditions and controls your behavior with fear-based incentives (threat of punishment or disciplinary action) or greed-based incentives (more money, power, authority), it’s a safe bet you’re a pawn of one or more darkworkers somewhere upstream. If such systems seem normal to you, you’ve been effectively brainwashed as a slave. You probably aren’t even aware of the high-level agenda you serve, since an intelligent darkworker won’t reveal it publicly. If you work for a darkworker, your real agenda is to increase the darkworker’s power, despite any flowery speeches or mission statements to the contrary.

Dishonesty and deception are popular tools of darkworkers. These enable the darkworker to build power while supposedly embracing other values. Most cells don’t question authority much, so darkworkers generally have an easy time building power if they’re semi-intelligent. If you don’t care what happens to other people, you can gobble up a lot of power, since most cells readily yield their power to any perceived authority. Darkworkers exploit this fact for personal gain.

By their actions darkworkers toxify the body of humanity, creating the conditions that give rise to more darkworkers. Darkworkers thrive in a climate of fear. Fear is the tool of their trade. The more fear they can create, the more powerful they can become. Fear creates willing and obedient slaves who submit to the will of the darkworker. Crafty darkworkers use deception to make submission seem like an intelligent choice. This approach can be quite effective. When fear is ineffective, darkworkers use greed instead.

The best darkworkers are often surrounded by armies of slaves who willingly sacrifice their freedom for a paycheck and a false sense of security. Fear and greed can’t control or motivate highly conscious people, but such methods work extremely well with those who’ve been conditioned to be slaves.

Darkworkers love obedience. In their fantasies they wish they could control or dominate other people. If you work in an organization where obedience is rewarded more than honesty, you’ve got a darkworker at the helm. It’s been said that obedience is the first milestone on the road to freedom. The person who said that was Adolf Hitler. Those who obeyed him gained greater control for a while but certainly not freedom.

While I personally would never choose to become a darkworker, there are human beings who have chosen this path deliberately. They’re well aware that their actions are destructive to the body, but they simply don’t care. They believe that self-service is the highest expression of their identity. They don’t identify with the larger body of humanity. It’s merely a tool to be manipulated at will.

I’m not quite doing darkworkers justice here because I’m admittedly lightworker biased. From the darkworker perspective, looking out for number one is seen as a common sense lifestyle choice. The world is viewed as a competitive place, so to a darkworker the strategy of self-above-others doesn’t create much of a moral dilemma.

The benefit of darkworkers is that they gradually help the body become stronger, just as getting sick can strengthen your immune system over time. Consequently, darkworkers can indirectly serve the greater good, as long as they don’t kill the body in the process.

The Body of Humanity

In the body of humanity right now, there is an unhealthy excess of darkworkers. The body’s health has been declining for a while, largely due to the influence of too many darkworkers in positions of power. The compromised health of the body is also damaging the health of individuals, causing many of them to feel disempowered, weakened, fearful, and depressed. Other times darkworkers directly kill off otherwise healthy cells.

Presently the political leadership of the USA consists largely of darkworkers. Simply listen to their words. They use lies and deception to push their agendas and to cultivate a climate of fear. This causes many people to feel disconnected from the larger body of humanity. Then those people drop into survival mode. Instead of focusing on service to the greater good, they fear for their own security. This is exactly what the darkworkers want. The more fear that’s generated, the more powerful the darkworkers become. When fear isn’t effective enough, greed is used as a control mechanism instead.

When someone opposes those powerful darkworkers, the darkworkers often respond with violent force to silence them to the degree they can get away with it. They use fear and intimidation to get new laws passed in order to increase their ability to silence opposition and to increase their power. This is not accidental. It’s very much deliberate. This is simply the modus operandi of darkworkers.

These darkworkers are not real leaders. A better word would be controllers. They’re only able to lead slaves who submit to control by fear. Highly conscious people see such darkworkers as agents of disease, not as genuine leaders.

In this climate of fear, more darkworkers are being created. More people are concluding, “Screw the rest of humanity. I’m going to live entirely for myself and get ahead as much as possible.” This further enriches the soil of fear and greed.

A protracted war, a down economy, and manufactured threats are great conditions for darkworkers to increase their power… not unlike the conditions in Germany when Adolf Hitler came on the scene. 9/11 was basically a modern day incarnation of the Reichstag fire, an excuse to curtail human rights with the promise of greater security. It’s unreasonable to expect such a situation to improve as long as darkworkers remain in power. Asking a darkworker to relax such controls is like a white blood cell asking, “Mr. Cancer Cell, would you kindly stop multiplying?” All you’ll get is a deflecting response at best.

So the basic problem we have right now is that darkworkers have been getting out of control. This problem hasn’t gone unnoticed by the larger body of humanity, and the immune system is kicking in rather strongly.

The Rise of the Lightworker

The collective consciousness of humanity is well aware of its condition. It knows the body is unhealthy and is headed downhill. It knows that left unchecked, the darkworker threat will take the body down with it. While this climate gives rise to more darkworkers, there’s also a strong counter-reaction on the rise. The presence of disease is triggering the body’s immune system to increase the white blood cell count. Those white blood cells are lightworkers.

The result is that many people are now hearing this call. It actually began decades ago, but it’s particularly strong today. The body of humanity is acting in its own defense by calling more and more lightworkers into action. Some people are born with this inclination, some have had it for many years, and others are currently waking up to it.

This call creates a feeling like, “Whoa… we’ve really gotten off track here. This isn’t how the world is supposed to be. Someone needs to do something about it. Damn… I think that someone is me. How the heck am I going to take on something so big?”

I suspect only a small percentage of readers will resonate with the statement, I think that someone is me. If you have a lot of fear and/or greed in you (which unfortunately most people do), you won’t likely hear this calling since it isn’t broadcast on those channels. But if you endeavor to move beyond the consciousness of fear and greed, eventually you’ll start feeling a vague inclination to do something “good” that helps the world in some small way. Over time that feeling will become stronger and more specific.

If you do hear such a calling, your first inclination will probably be to suppress it. I’d rather live in the matrix — life outside will be too hard. Go ahead and try if you must, but once you get the call, it’s too late for you. You’ll never be content living as a slave again, no matter how hard you try. You’ll feel more and more disconnected from other people who live like slaves. You’ll feel a strong desire to find your tribe (i.e. other people who can see what you are now seeing). The tugging of your conscience is the collective consciousness of humanity summoning you to act in its defense. Your duty is to be part of the solution. That duty cannot be ignored except to the extent you drown yourself in fear. The bright side is that you aren’t alone.

Do you have any sense of humanity’s call for help? How do you feel about the War in Iraq? How do you feel about China’s decision to systematically wipe out the Tibetan culture? How do you feel about a country governed by leaders who are caught lying repeatedly and who boast about their violent supremacy over those who oppose them? Do you feel this planet has gotten just a wee bit off course? Do you feel a sense of personal responsibility to do something about it?

If you don’t hear any special calling and have no real concern for the larger body of humanity, or if you don’t feel personally compelled to do anything about it, then just keep diligently working on your own personal growth. The body will summon you when it has need of your services. If it summons you, it knows you’re strong enough to contribute, even if you have serious doubts.

It’s been very exciting to see more lightworkers awakening to the sense of global responsibility. The transition can be very challenging, since it requires shedding so much of the past. It can be painful for people to watch their previous dreams implode, but this is necessary to make room for the much larger purpose ahead. The upside is that working on the goals of the larger body of humanity is much more rewarding than working on the goals of an individual cell.

- Steve Pavlina

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