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Radionics and the Brain Mind Matrix - Jef Harvey on The justBernard Show

Jef Harvey and Bernard are discussing Radionics, the "mutant" flu, the fake revolution, shiva shakti neuro-stimulation, using frankincense to repair tissue, clinical grade detoxification and so much more.

Jef spent six years in the United States Navy and was inducted into a watcher group that infiltrated many of the NWO controlled military organizations. He was assigned to EC Division, an electronics unit on board the aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy CV-67 and worked in the Intelligence Center.

Today Jef is board certified in nutrition and specializes in detoxification protocols utilizing homeopathy and oxygen combined with hydrogen.

Recent work has focused on activating dormant areas of the brain mind matrix, astral manipulation and consciousness projection in both animate and inanimate partners. He utilizes various leading edge technologies including, but not limited to radionic/torsion field/Chi generators, Shiva and Shakti Neural Stimulation Systems and complex signal wave generation. As a military trained remote viewer and radionics technologist he assists the brain in directing energy patterns for various remote field manipulation strategies including biological effects.

In memoriam of Jef Harvey. Thank you for all you did Jef. We'll miss you.



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