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The Equinox - Selena Fox on The justBernard Show

Selena and Bernard discuss her work at Circle Sanctuary, the Equinox celebrations as part of larger cycle of seasons, the importance of attuning to Nature for personal & planetary well-being, the use of Cornucopia for Equinox & for Harvest celebrations.

Selena Fox is a world renowned pagan priestess, environmentalist, writer, teacher, women’s rights activist, and shamanic psychotherapist. Selena is author of Goddess Communion: Rituals & Meditations, When Goddess is God, Celebrating the Seasons, and other works. Her writings, chants, rituals, and photographs have been widely published in-print and on-line. Selena has a M.S. in counseling from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and travels internationally presenting workshops and facilitating ceremonies conferences, festivals, campuses, and other venues. She is senior minister of Circle Sanctuary, a Pagan church which has been serving Goddess Spirituality and Nature religion practitioners worldwide since 1974.

Connect with Selena:,, Twitter @Selena_Fox, Facebook:

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