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And suddenly one day you wake up, and you begin to look at the life, and the environment around you, and your life. You look at your television, your computer, your kitchen appliances, you look at your life, at your job, your partner, your pets, your children, you look at your neighbors, you look at your neighborhood. And you begin to wonder, how is this all connected? How is this a part of me and how am I a part of this?

But there seems to be so many things that this, that seem to make me unhappy, or nervous, or suppressed, as if, a hamster running on a wheel, trying to keep up, to maintain this whatever. Whatever this is. And suddenly, one stops, and looks and decides this cannot be right. This cannot be right in the sense that my heart has told me many times over, there is something wrong here, there is something wrong here, something needs to be done. Look at the children. Look at my life, look at the television, look at all of the anger, all of the hatred, all of this negativity that is bombarding my eyes, my senses, my environment through sound and vision, through, through temptation, and greed to want more and want more and want more. When all I ever really wanted, was to love, and to be loved, and to make a difference in this world and to share that difference with those that I love. Isnt that all that this is all about? Isnt it time that we get out of the state of denial and take a look at our world and realize that even the slightest anger or deception we have towards those who are intolerant is in itself a negative action.

Let us start sharing that love with each other through, awareness the time has come to become to become aware. The time has come to look bravely at the world around us, the world that we have created, the world that has come and invaded our spirits, in such a negative way, where we have become enemies with our friends, and friends with our enemies. It is time for us to look with bravery at what we have allowed to become of our world, what we have allowed to manifest in this reality. Your reality, your life, this is your life, this is it, this moment, this is all we have. If you are thinking about the past you are not in this moment, and you are wasting your life, living in those thoughts of the past. We need to look forward and in order to look forward we have to be brave enough to take a very detailed look at the world around us, whether it is our coworkers actions, the people that we have aligned our self with as friends, and associates. Are they negative people? Do they drive you to do negative things that are unhealthy for your body, your mind, your spirit, for the world around you. And our politics, people must stop being afraid of looking at politics. This runs your world, you are responsible for creating this world, if you do not participate in the creation of this world some one else will do it for you. And as you can see most of us do not like the outcome of what it has become. This empathy or apathy, of allowing some body else to do it for us.

We must be brave enough to say I take responsibility now, I take responsibility, I look at the obstacles that I have allowed to create, in the leadership of our world, our country, our state, our cities, our neighborhood associations, our condo associations. Whatever it is that imposes its will upon you and lessens your individual freedoms you must consider to be a threat to your spiritual freedom. Let us now, leave this denial and go and bravely look the obstacles in the face or through them and take responsibility to create a better world beginning right now.

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