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Irish Origins of Halloween - James Swagger (The justBernard Show)

Halloween has its origin in the British Isles about 1300 years ago – this was to eclipse the Celtic Pagan rituals of Samhain festival. Home to Ireland and Scotland, this festival directly relates to the megalithic calendar and ‘Solar Wheel’ or the Great Wheel of the Year. One of these 8 days marked by the wheel is the Day of Halloween. Halloween being the half way point between Autumnal Equinox and Winter Solstice. The Celts Irish/Scottish inherited their solar worship from the megalith builders and this 8 segment year.



The Church aimed to Christianize the Celtic pagans and shift the day from the Astronomical Event of Nov 4th to Nov 1st calling it Hallows day, thus Oct 31st becomes Hallows Eve or Halloween as it is now nicknamed.

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