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How To Use Crystals - The Crystal Crone

Crystal Energy – Old Wisdom or New Age? What is this “energy” that people talk about – is there anything to it? What's the science behind it? Were the ancients drawn to the megaliths or did they bring the energy to the stones.

The Crystal Crone Beverly Johnson joins Bernard for an informational and educational hour on The justBernard Show to answer these and many more questions about crystals, like:

- the history of crystals in the Bible and in Egypt

- Ancient energies of the Lemurian crystals

- What can crystal energies help you with?

- How does one get started?

The Crystal Crone comes to share her love of crystals, gems and minerals of the world. Starting in her childhood with a love of rock and fossil collecting and the geological aspects therein, she was introduced over 25 years ago to the metaphysical side of crystal energy, magick and properties of stones.

The Crystal Crone is also an experienced Rune Master, Dowser and Astro-numerologist. She is an ordained minister and was recently gifted with an Honorary Master of Metaphysics. She is certified Spirit Guide Coach and is always working on continuing education classes and certifications. She has studied a multitude of Magickal and Spiritual paths, holding to her personal truth that there is much to be learned from and shared with by all.

In her free time she enjoys music, movies, reading and searching endlessly for the next cool rock or mineral specimen. She is a fierce advocate for children, animals, the elderly, disabled persons and LGBT issues. "



The Crystal Crone Beverly Johnson continues an informational and educational talk on The justBernard Show to answer these and many more questions about crystals, like:

- Gridding in relation to healing the earth - Orgone ( resin) - Beginning crystal energy work - Tips for using crystals to improve energies for you and around you. - How does one get started?


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