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Will We Choose Love or Fear?

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Those of you who've come to know me for a while now know that I am a staunch Independent politically and that I feel the political parties of this world are a cesspool of corruption and breeding ground of hate, division and blind subservience. As we used to say in the 80's, "Homey don't play that." That said, we are living in a world where these factions exist and are given power by the people, by you and by me. We are responsible for their existence. We allow it. And while this illusion continues I must support those "in power" that most closely align with my principals, my higher calling for human rights, equality and human empowerment.

I will support those who demonstrate through their words and deeds a compassion for all people, including LGBTQ rights, healthcare rights, economic rights, immigrant rights, ecological balance, is pro-peace, pro-people, and fights for social justice. While I will not publicly endorse a candidate anymore, I will call out those in power who demonstrate (through their actions, words and deeds) their inability to align with a better future for all, who divide, who are corrupt, who are pro-war, pro-corporate control, pro-hate and are self serving.

Our world, this dimension of existence is at a pivotal point in our human history. We ARE going through a re-birthing process, a painful one at that. We are being challenged to take a brutal and honest look at ourselves, our beliefs and our story as a planet. We have to make a choice of how our future looks. What kind of world will our great grand children will live in? Is our planet going to evolve or devolve? And we must make that choice now and have courage enough to stand in our convictions, openly and honestly.

It's 2020 and we have a window of great opportunity right now. Will we live in world of compassion, cooperation and love or will we be divided, suffering and hate-filled? Do we have what it takes to lift each other up or will we continue to cut each other off at the knees? It's your choice...Love or Fear? I love you! <3 One Love <3 - Bernard Alvarez


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