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Samhain Sabbat: Honoring the Ancestors

Samhain is a festival of the Dead. Meaning "Summer's End". It is a celebration of the end of the harvest and the start of the coldest half of the year. For many practitioners, Samhain also is the beginning of the spiritual new year. It is a time we release the old and commune with our ancestors.

For the Sabbat we will be creating sacred space, calling the elements, inviting the Crone and her consort, communing with the ancestors, and releasing aspects of our lives that are no longer working. To prepare we suggest you take the time to do the following... - Create your own sacred space where you will not be disturbed. Clear a space on your desk or your home. Light a candle and some incense. - Have an item to place near you that reminds you of a loved one you'd like to commune with. - Before the ritual, contemplate an aspect of your life that has been on your mind over the last season that you are ready to let go of, some care or worry that is not working anymore. - Take a small slip of paper (about 2 inches by 1/2 inch) and write down the concern you want to be rid of. - Have a small ashtray or fireproof ceramic bowl or vessel and fire source ready for when the time comes to burn the paper.

The Grove offers a weekly opportunity to receive inspiration, practice meditation, perform magick and learn something new within a loving, kind community. JOIN THE COMMUNITY at

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Eve Dalley
Eve Dalley
31 ott 2021

Many times I am not able to join you live, living in France, but I LOVE being able to connect with you again weekly when I get some sacred space to myself. This was very powerful. Especially at this time, I felt it deeply. I had tears of joy, sadness and healing flowing from me. Thank you so much Bernard. Blessed Be & Love you Xxx

Mi piace
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