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Litha; Summer Solstice Virtual Sabbat

Calling all seekers of light and magic! Midsummer has arrived, gracing us with the longest day and the shortest night! The Goddess is at her most abundant, a radiant mother brimming with potential, while the Sun God burns with the strength of a thousand suns!

Join me for a LIVE and interactive ritual, a chance to weave your own magic under the solstice sky. Together, we'll harness the potent energy of this sacred time, releasing our desires and empowering our lives!

To join the ceremony from your own mystical haven, gather these tools:

Incense for cleansing the air (think magical smoke bombs!)

A small candle, a fleeting flame to represent your wishes (a tea light will do nicely). Find a fireproof vessel to hold it (a cauldron is ideal, but an ashtray will work in a pinch).

A scrap of paper, ready to receive your deepest desires.

Something to write with, to etch your intentions onto the world.

Before we gather virtually, take some time to contemplate what you wish to cultivate in your life. What seeds of growth do you long to plant and see flourish under the coming moon cycles? Remember the Rede: harm none, and weave your magic with joy!

During our LIVE ceremony, we'll embark on a wondrous journey together:

We'll cleanse the space with purifying smoke, chasing away any negativity.

We'll ground ourselves, feeling the roots of our being connect to the earth's powerful energy.

We'll cast a sacred circle, a space woven with light to hold our magic.

We'll call upon the elements, the building blocks of our world.

We'll invoke the glorious Gods, asking for their blessings.

And finally, we'll weave a seasonal spell, a collective infusion of intention to empower our desires.

Make sure you have a quiet space where you won't be interrupted. Allow yourself ample time to focus and delve into the depths of your being. Prepare to be transformed!

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