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Can We Call The Dead? SoulPhone Technology

The SoulPhone's scientific breakthroughs (life continues after bodily death), at the University of Arizona, shows new, fascinating evidence that there is hope during this time of confusion and worry about the future.

Guest: Mark Pitstick, MA, DC, has over forty-seven years’ experience helping many people in hospitals, pastoral counseling settings, mental health centers and holistic health care centers. He also has provided suicide prevention counseling and education to many people.

His training includes a premedical degree (Ohio State University), graduate theology/pastoral counseling studies (Methodist Theological School of Ohio), masters in clinical psychology (Western Carolina University), and doctorate in chiropractic health care (Palmer College of Chiropractic).

Mark became aware of his clairaudient experiences at age ten and has been blessed with numerous miracles, revelatory, and spiritually transformative experiences. After working in hospitals with many suffering and dying adults and children, he was motivated to find sensible, evidence-based answers to the questions that many people ask: “Who am I? Why am I here? What happens after I die? Will I see my departed loved ones again? Is there a God? If so, why is there so much suffering?”

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