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Star Beings - Betsey Lewis on TJBS

The Phoenix Days have arrived on Earth as strange planetary changes take place everywhere. Catastrophes are increasing worldwide—record breaking heat, wildfires and floods, giant fissures opening up, mysterious booms coming from underground, devastating tornadoes and hurricanes, strange sightings in the sky, toxic water everywhere, and animals and sea creatures dying mysteriously worldwide. These events were foretold to indigenous people and Native Americans for years by extraterrestrials known as the Star Beings.

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Earth Mysteries investigator and renowned psychic Betsey Lewis was shown the same prophecies given to Indigenous elders shortly after a UFO encounter at age seven. She believes the recent glowing bird captured over Teton National Park by a webcam was the legendary Phoenix warning humanity of massive cataclysms will increase and to prepare.

She has been a frequent guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, and Ground Zero, KCOR Radio Show, WGSO in New Orleans, and other popular radio talk shows. She has penned nine paranormal/spiritual books and three children’s books. Visit her website and daily Earth News blog at:

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