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Supporting Indigenous Cultures - Miriam Delicado on TJBS

One of my dearest friends and colleague in consciousness, Miriam Delicado joins me for an informative hour and discussion on supporting Indigenous cultures around the world.

Miriam Delicado is the Executive Director and Founder of The Great Gathering of Humanity, a US based Nonprofit. As a social entrepreneur she has dedicated her time, energy, and resources to encourage positive change and life balance around the world. Over the past decade, her primary advocacy has focused on: the preservation of indigenous traditions, natural resources, and ecosystems; alternative energy research; ancient wisdom and sustainable living; spiritual enlightenment; and interconnected concepts. She is works as a liaison and contact, working with a wide-variety of traditional Indigenous and other communities throughout the World.

She is an accomplished free-lance writer, inspirational speaker, public relations agent, international fundraiser, and association management consultant. LEARN MORE AT:

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