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ET Disclosure and Ascension: Neil Gaur on TJBS

We have been waiting for disclosure for so long… will it happen?

Our friend Neil Gaur is the founder of Portal to Ascension. An online platform for all things consciousness. He has been producing conscious / consciousness related conferences, workshops and webinars for 8 years. He works closely with whistle blowers, researchers, archaeologists, scientist and spiritualist to assist in creating and pioneering a new paradigm of awareness that will assist us in the coming years as the planet ascends into a higher octave of existence.

We will be discussing his next project - The ET Disclosure Summit 2018 and what Portal to Ascension has in store for 2018 that is designed to change the status quo as we know it and begin the process of re-writing the history books and disclosing the truth of our existence. LEARN MORE about the conference at:

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