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Secret Space Program & UFOs - Jordan Sather on TJBS

From "Destroying the Illusion" Youtube channel, independent journalist Jordan Sather joins me to delve into the world of UFO disclosure, the secret space program, and a look behind the scenes of a civil war occurring w/ American Intel Agencies.

Jordan Sather is a 27-year-old truth seeker and activist hailing from the Pacific Northwest. After a brief college stint, he worked a variety of positions in the natural health field for 6 years. Recently, he has ventured into online media in order to diversify his message to include all hidden scientific, political, and spiritual information he believes humanity needs to know. He shares his perspectives online through his Destroying the Illusion Youtube channel, which has garnered over 77,000 subscribers and 7.7 million views in only 11 months, and on Facebook and Twitter. His website is

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